What you will learn

This course is designed to help you:

  • Understand the definition of Content Marketing and why it is important to support your marketing needs.

  • Learn about the different types of Content Marketing opportunities available for your brand.

  • Develop compelling brand stories through your Content Marketing initiatives.

  • Learn about the key components to ensure your success through Content Marketing.

  • Measure the Content Marketing effectiveness for your brand.

Training syllabus

  • 10 Chapters

    Comprehensive guide to help you do Content Marketing effectively.

  • 120 Slides

    Frameworks, case studies, and pro tips from real-life successful campaigns.

  • 88 Minutes

    In-depth training you can take at your own pace.

  • 2

    Content Marketing Training

    • What Is Content Marketing?
    • Why Should I Invest In Content Marketing?
    • What Content Marketing Opportunities Are Available For My Brand?
    • What Is The Right Type Of Story To Tell For My Brand?
    • How Much Content Should I Create And How Do I Make Sure I Don't Start Sounding Too Boring Or Too Hard-sell?
    • How To Ensure My Campaigns Achieve Their Desired Business Objective?
    • How Do I Measure The Effectiveness Of All This Work?
  • 3

    Summary & Quiz

    • Summary: Content Marketing
    • Take The Quiz & Get Your Certificate!

About the trainer

Patrick Searle is the Co-Founder & Group CEO of GetCraft, Southeast Asia’s Premium Creative Network. 

He has over 10 years of marketing experience in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore and has worked for CIC China, W+K Shanghai and Ogilvy.

He previously ran regional digital strategy for multinational companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, FIAT, Tiffany and 20+ other brands.

He delivers this training based on insights learned at GetCraft, which has been working with 520+ brands on 5,000+ campaigns across the region.

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